Historic Collection


Travel back in time and get swept away in the romance of yesteryear.

Surround yourself with the intrigue of history’s greatest events, or ponder the decisions of the world’s greatest leaders in the very spots they were made. Historic hotels bring you one step closer to treasured moments in time, they connect us to enchanting decades, and ancient achievements. It is our chance to glimpse a time past, and for a moment understand what it was like.

This collection of historic hotels is bold and unique. There are old-world buildings converted to charming Paradors throughout Spain. Opulent icons favored by aristocrats and celebrities in London, and grand landmarks beside International attractions in Paris. In Jamaica there’s a resort beloved by the Royal Family, while in Curacao a World Heritage Site waits to be explored.

When selected, any one of these impressive historic hotels will create some of your most unique vacation memories.


Extraordinary destinations around the globe await your next visit.

Colony Club by Elegant Hotels

Porters, Barbados

One of Barbados' most iconic West Coast hideaways, this resort has a rich colonial history seen in its beautiful architecture, décor, and landscape.

Graycliff Hotel & Restaurant

Nassau, Bahamas

This dreamy retreat has a thrilling history, from pirates to lords and so much more, there’s nothing like it anywhere in The Bahamas.

Half Moon

Montego Bay, Jamaica

This beachfront oasis was built by Titans of the business world and has become the beloved hideaway of Royalty.

Sonesta Kura Hulanda Village & Spa

Willemstad, Curaçao

A boutique village resort featuring restored 18th and 19th century buildings in the center of Curacao’s charismatic capital city, Willemstad.


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