Insight's must-see list of temples to explore in Angkor, Cambodia

Reputations have a habit of preceding the greatest sites in the world, and so it is with Cambodia’s Angkor. This was once the centre of the medieval Khmer kingdom, a place of great cultural and spiritual importance; over a thousand years later, visitors are still awestruck by the scores of temples, dykes, canals, roads and monuments that burst out of the abundant jungle.

With so many incredible sights to take in, here’s a list of stunning must-see temples when visiting Angkor.


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Must See List of Temples - Insight

At an impressive 500 acres - punctuated by moats, large bas-reliefs, concentric walls and towers, Angkor Wat is an incredible show of Khmer genius - a stunning temple complex that is awe-inspiring for both its grand scale and incredible detail.


One of Angkor's jewels, Ta Phrom temple is overgrown with fig trees and lush jungle. The magnificent roots of trees have merged over the centuries with the temple's huge stone blocks emphasizing the forgotten city feeling.


Built entirely of sandstone, it is believed that this temple was not completed because it was struck by lightning. Known as the 'mountain with bronze peaks', be sure to admire the overlapping terraces surrounded by a moat.


Showcasing an impressive stone tapestry of 54 gods and 54 demon gods playing out the Hindu legend of the 'Churned Milk'; Angkor Thom was once a walled city and Capital from the 12th to 16th century, and bigger than any European city at the time.

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