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Many modern travellers seek experiences that resonate on an emotional level. Travel that is more adventurous, more personalized, and more attuned to local culture, inspires people toward a path of self-discovery. For your Europe vacation, Goway offers Back-Roads small group experiences, which encourage travellers to see the unexpected by venturing off the main road. These escorted, small group tours are designed to take travellers to small towns to meet the locals who are intrigued by who is visiting their homeland.

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Choosing the Perfect Safari in East Africa

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Witnessing, firsthand, nature’s most powerful animals roaming free in the unspoiled natural beauty of Africa is truly awe-inspiring! Game reserves and national parks in East Africa are brimming with wild elephants, lions, giraffes, cheetahs, rhinos, and more.

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Top tours of 2016

In 2016, many of our clients travelled the world with Intrepid Tours. While the adventures ranged everywhere from Japan to Iran, there are definitely some trends that have caught our eye.

And now that 2017 has arrived, we want to share these trends with you so you have the insider scoop on our clients' favourites. Here are the top three tours of 2016 based on passengers for Intrepid Tours.

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Stunning Filming Locations To See In New Zealand

With its unbelievable natural beauty and otherworldly landscapes, it's little wonder that New Zealand is one of the most popular filming locations on the planet. From The Hobbit to King Kong and Pete's Dragon, directors have found the scenery so cinematically appealing they've simply had to capture it on camera. However, no matter how beautiful New Zealand may look on the big screen, nothing can quite compare to a real life, up-close experience of this incredible county.

Relive some of the greatest moments in movie history at these six must-see filming locations in New Zealand.

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Arrive as a tourist. Leave as a traveller.

Murdoch Travel is giving consumers the opportunity to be the first to experience UNICO 20°87° Hotel Riviera Maya, a new adults-only, all-inclusive hotel designed to reflect each property’s locale and native culture.


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