Frequently asked questions

Q: Are you hiring Full Time or Part Time Positions?
A: We are only hiring Home Based Agents at the time of this posting. Please click here to see available positions with us.

Q: Will Murdoch Travel provide leads?
A: No. You will solely be responsible for lead generation.

Q: Do I need a TICO license to work as a Home Based Agent for Murdoch Travel?
A: Yes. We are governed by TICO and by law you must be TICO licensed before selling with us.

Q: Do I need IATA certification? Do I need any other certification?
A: No. We do not require any other certification, but we do welcome any other accreditation you might have.

Q: How much money will I make?
A: That varies. It depends on your sales. If this is your full time career and your client base is solid the sky's the limit. You get out of this what you're willing to put into it.

Q: How much does it cost to sign up? Is there a monthly fee?
A: We do not any charge fees to our Home Based Agents.

Q:Will you teach me everything I need to know?
A: Travel is a vast industry. It is difficult to teach everything you might potentially encounter in the industry. However, we will teach you about the systems you will need to use to complete the sale. Our team is our greatest resource. Don't hesitate to ask our team for help. Plus we will connect you with supplier training. We want to help you get started right away!

Q: Do I require any insurances?
A: Insurance is not mandatory but we highly recommend obtaining Errors and Omissions Insurance. Mistakes happen.

Q: How will I get paid? 
A: Commissions are paid on a monthly basis once the clients have travelled and we have received payment from the tour operator. 

Q: Will taxes be withheld? EI?
A: As an independent contractor you are solely responsible for tax payments. We don't pay anything on your behalf.

Q: Am I limited in what I can sell?
A: We don't pay a commission on bookings made on competitor websites like Expedia, etc. We encourage you to sell from suppliers that will pay a commission. We also have a list a approved vendors to choose from.